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ASOFRUIT, the Association of the Fresh Produce Trade, originated in Lleida in 1978 from the concerns of a group of fresh produce traders following a season of poor Limonera pear prices.

At present Asofruit it brings together more than 70 fresh produce marketing companies, many of these companies have their own orchards which in total sums up to over 15.000 Ha.

The overall volume of trade is around 1,000,000 tons of fruit, including apples, pears, peaches and nectarines, which are mainly assigned to export markets. Other fruit handled by the associated members include cherries, plums and apricots.  The wholesalers of the Lleida Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Market have sales of approximately 120,000 tons of fresh produce.

All in all, the facilities of the associated members of Asofruit cover 200,000 m² with a cold storage capacity of around 500,000 m³, and provide employment for over 1,500 people and up to 3,000  in the summer season.

Asofruit is therefore the reference point for the Catalan fresh produce industry, and is a valid representative of the sector.


Asofruit encourages and supports actions taken to benefit the sector, and raises the profile of its activity within the economy of the country as a whole.

Amongst the association's main objectives is to defend the interests of its associated members and to represent them in all issues concerning production and trading of fresh produce (storage, handling, packing, grading and sales) .

Asofruit also offers representation and management services to its members, and at the same time backs   measures that are aimed to improve the competitivity of the fresh produce sector.  It is to this end that the Association has developed a Strategic Plan designed to promote and put in place measures that improve the performance of the training, research and promotion of the associated companies.

In particular Asofruit is involved in issues regarding  regulating the market and improving competition in the market in order to avoid unfair competition and to fight against malpractices.  Asofruit also represents its members in negotiations regarding agreements that affect the sector and specifically the sector-wide negotiations with employee representatives concerning pay and conditions in the fresh produce sector.


At present Asofruit holds 11.57% of the capital of Edullesa, the Customs Station of Lleida. The association has held the presidency of the Management since the 9th of December 1986, and will continue to hold it until 2007.

Asofruit holds 3% of the capital of Mercolleida, the fresh produce and agricultural wholesale market of Lleida. 

The President of Asofruit also forms part of the Council of the Municipal Institute of Wholesale Markets which controls  the Fresh Produce Wholesale Market and the trading permits of all of its members in the municipality of Lleida.  Wholesale market traders make up one of the sections of Asofruit, and this has made Asofruit a driving force in the negotiations concerning the re-location and design of Lleida's Fresh Produce Wholesale Market  which was opened in 2002.

Asofruit also has a role in the consortium responsible for the implementation of the PRODER plan in the area of Pla d'Urgell. (Consorcio de Ejecución del Proder del Consejo Comarcal del Pla d'Urgell)

Asofruit also presides FEFRUTH, the Spanish Federation of Fresh Produce Associations ( Federación Española de Asociaciones de Productoras y Profesionales de Frutas y Hortalizas), which also accords it the vice-presidency of Aipema, the Association of Apple and Pear Professionals (Asociación Interprofesional de Pera y Manzana).

Asofruit, together with other regional associations, forms part of FEPEX, the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers-Exporters of Fresh Produce, Flowers and Plants, in which it presides the Apple and Pear Committee and is a member of the Peach and Nectarine Committee.

Asofruit as a Catalan employers' association is a fully fledged member of  Fomento del Treball Nacional, the Catalan business confederation and PIMEC, the Catalan association of small and medium-sized businesses,  as well as forming part of other bodies.

As an fresh produce employers' representative it is one of the bodies involved in negotiating the annual collective accord on worker pay and conditions for those working within the regime of Fruit & Vegetable Storage and Packing.

In this capacity, Asofruit was the driving force in setting up the Servicio Especial de Frutas (SEF)  Social Security contribution system where payments are made according to the number of days actually worked rather than for the whole month as is the case in other regimes currently in place.

Amongst other activities, Asofruit monitors the levels of fruit stocks.

It is a member of the body that manages the research station of Lleida's Institut de Investigació i Tecnologia Agroalimentaria, IRTA.

Board of Directors

On the 20th of May 2003, the General Assembly elected a board of directors formed by:

  • Josep Panadés Vilar (Ceba-Fruit, SAT y Vilodi Fruit, SL), President
  • Marcial Gómez (Frubelsa), Vice President (representative for  the Pear Committee)
  • Josep Maria Lladós (Fruites Lladós, SL), Vice President (representing  the Wholesale Market Traders)
  • Andreu Rota (Frulesa), Vice President
  • Joan Ripoll Manuel (Arcosegre, SAT), Secretary General
  • Rafael Quílez (Frutaria, SAT), Treasurer (representanting the Stone Fruit Committee)
  • Eduard Brufau (Molnar Fruits, SAT), Board Member (representantg the Apple Committee)
  • Antonio Caelles (Fruitollé), Board Member  (representing the Wholesale Market Traders)
  • Ramon Dalfó (Dalfó, SA), Board Member
  • Maria José Escoi (Fruetes Escoi, SL), Board Member (representing  the Wholesale Market Traders)
  • Francisco Paracuellos (Fruasa), Board Member
  • Francesc Paüls (Unfesa), Board Member
  • Montse Prades (Fruites Prades, SL), Board Member (representing  the Wholesale Market Traders)

Over the more than 25 years of Asofruit's history, the association's presidents have been: Salvador Colomé, Josep Selvas, Xavier Aldavert and Arcadi Jover

Since 2004, Mireia González Antó is the director of Asofruit.

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